Service Testing using Thunder Client

 Service Testing using VS Code

Few days ago I start looking for a tool for service testing for free. I have found several tools like SOAPUI, Postman and also some library rest assured, rest sharp. All  tools are good to go but I am using VS code for my development, so tool like soapui or postman is is little bit difficult for me because I need to open another application to test my service. I was start looking for rest sharp and rest assured but there also I need to write significant amount of code to test my services.  I have found one application called Thunder Client in VS code Extension which is look like postman but I no need to open different application, I can use same VS code.  

Here is some important link

There you can also use variables like other tools do. Like set environment, API key. We need to use curly brasses   {{}}  to use variable.

Suppose I need to use Environment data in some request so we can store Environment data in add environment section.

Once we create New Environment we need to provide one name and there we can add number of variables like below.

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