How to install appium

How to install appium through npm

Appium Server
Appium is a server written in Node.js

Warning: Appium Desktop is Not Appium

Appium Desktop is a graphical frontend to Appium with additional tools. Appium Desktop is released on its own cadence and has its own versioning system. If you are reporting an issue with Appium Desktop, always be sure to include both the version of Appium Desktop and the version of the Appium Server which is in use

  1. Install JAVA 8 and set JAVA_HOME variable and Path variable for java. 
  2. Install android sdk and set ANDROID_HOME variable and also set the adb path
In this article, I will show you how to install appium server and run the server through the command line. 


Download node.js from node.js website.  I will download the LTS version. 

Ensure you select to install the npm tools and the system paths:

Step 2:

Now I am going to install appium using npm command. 

If you want to install appium latest version then you need to use below command 

npm install -g appium

If you want to install appium specific version then you need to use below command 

npm install -g [email protected]

If you want to uninstall appium , you need to execute below command 

npm uninstall -g appium

In this blog, I am going to install appium version 1.7.2 

You will find appium installed under below path in your system

After installation appium we need to start appium server. 

appium -a -p 4723

where -a is the IP address (here localhost) and -p is the port

After the server run successfully you will see something like this 

your ad