Advantages and Disadvantages of JXL API

Read excel file using jxl api


JXL API (Java Excel API) is used for handling excel from different java applications. It is mostly used for selenium data-driven testing.  Using this API ,users can read, write and update sheets in runtime.

Advantages of using JXL

  1.          Users can read, write and modify data in Excel 95, 97, 2000, and 2003 spreadsheets.
  2.          API methods are easy to understand.
  3.          JXL APIs are capable of doing styling of cells, like shading, bordering, and colouring of cells.

Disadvantages of using JXL

         .It does not support xlsx format.
        . It does not support chart.
        . It does not support password protection.
   java jxl download link ->

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